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Our Approach to Online Marketing

Satisfy your current market. Captivate your target market.

See your online future flash before your eyes

With technology moving faster than ever before, the local and global economy is forever evolving. Since 1996, our full service digital marketing firm has experienced a tremendous evolution in the online and offline marketing industries. What was once a marketplace for building awareness and hosting online brochures, the Internet now can host software programs, dynamic websites and marketing campaigns that can convert, educate, and leave your customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Even employee satisfaction or rewards programs can use technology to connect with works online or in a mobile application.

We start with your “why”

We are big believers in the Simon Sinek “Golden Circle” premise that people don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy based on your “why”. Working together with you, we will help you identify that “why” factor and help you to craft strategic and tactical solutions to help position your business on and offline. If you’re struggling to identify what sets you apart from your competitors to attract top workers and clients, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to introduce yourself to the “Golden Circle” concept here. 

Janas Group can take you there

From constructing a software utility to shuffle data between business apps, creating a memorable user experience for your customers or employees, or even orchestrating an educational, data-intensive website, we are ready to implement your needs and help you gain continued success in your business. Janas Group is composed of fanatical, high-energy software developers, designers, Internet marketers and strategists who will help you be the insight-led and forward-thinking leader in your business on-and off-line. In everything we do, we aim to push the envelope and exceed expectations for ourselves and for you.

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