Have you heard? You have a digital footprint. And it’s not the same as your shoe size.

In fact, all components of your digital footprint are combined into some complex algorithm that calculates a relevancy score to determine your reputation and how much of an authority you have online.

Yep. That’s pretty nerdy stuff. So what does this mean to you?

By digital footprint, I mean: mobile responsive website, onsite search engine optimization, offsite SEO like citations and backlinks, social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest or Instagram, your leadership team’s LinkedIn page, your company LinkedIn page, your directory listing on Yelp, your Google Places listing, your reputation management/ratings and reviews on GlassDoor, PissedConsumer, your press releases distributed on the AP wire, your blog and all other video content creation you post on Vimeo or YouTube.

“Look, marketing geniuses at Janas Group. I don’t need all of these things.” Of course you may not need all of these things, which is why we custom develop a plan that suits your needs.

“But, Janas Group, my target market is very niche, and they don’t use Google to search for me online.” Hold on, tiger. Before you build a wall larger than Trump’s wildest dreams, consider that all consumers online – B2B and B2C – use the Internet in different ways, at different phases throughout the buying cycle.

Tips for establishing your digital footprint

  1. Before you make any decisions on how your target market is or isn’t using the Internet, do you homework on buyer behaviors and customer segmentation. If you don’t have the time – or experience – hire a company that can help you figure this out.
  2. Establish a budget and calculate your CAC for current and desired cost to acquire customers. In other words, how much are you currently spending and how much are you willing to spend to acquire a customer. Here’s a handy tool to help you with that.
  3. Then, research the tools that your customers use and align your strategy and tactical execution to them. Forbes has some handy tricks here to help you with this.

Investing in digital marketing and establishing measurable outcomes now can help SMBs take control of a larger platform to build loyalty internally and externally. That’s right. Online marketing isn’t limited to reaching customers. You can improve your efficiency, and retention, which saves time and money, by using online marketing tools for managing relationships with your employees, too.

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