If someone has previously told you that you should only work with an agency that “specializes” in your industry, they’ve done you a terrible disservice.

Yes, you should work with someone who is familiar with (and experienced in) your industry. However, the pillars of a successful online marketing campaign span across multiple industries. All types of industry experience applies in vendor selection. Why miss the opportunity to learn from – and improve upon – what other successful companies are doing?

Top 3 Questions to Consider in Vendor Selection

Here’s a handy list of questions that you should really be asking yourself when determining if your potential online marketing firm has what it takes to help you accomplish your goals.

  1. How well do they align with my goals?
    Agreeing for the sake of agreement doesn’t necessarily mean alignment or consensus.
  1. What about their experience can be applied to helping my business achieve success in marketing?
    Understanding how to identify the needs of your customers and connect with them online equals success.
  1. Why are you telling your potential marketing firm exactly how to manage your campaign when they are supposed to be the experts?
    A transactional partner is a short-term proposition, while a strategic partner is rooted in your long term ROI.

Don’t let the big names fool you. At Janas Group, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Have a question about how to find the right marketing partner for you? Give us a call. 


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