Did you know that Internet users are now confirmed members of the 3-comma club?

(count ’em… that’s 3 commas.)

When my mom used to tell me I was 1 in a million, I felt pretty darn special. Now I feel pretty darn small. 1 in a billion (actually 1 in several billion) is really daunting when you consider how many people are online right now who need your services but can’t find you.

So, perhaps you’ve set up a website a few years ago, or you created a Facebook page that just sits there and collects “likes”. Humm. If you want these “components” to connecting effectively with your customers, they first need to connect effectively with one another.

Tips to convert your website silo into a marketing garden

Gone are the days when a website, SEO, social media, or even your online advertising could be serviced in a silo. Today, a digital footprint must be carefully strategized and managed as a cohesive whole if you want real results. Consider having at least the following:

  • personas for your business to establish a guideline for your targets and their buying behaviors
  • conversion-optimized website
  • monthly SEO, on and off site
  • managed directory listings
  • communications plan to manage ratings & reviews
  • 1+ online advertising campaign per month that converts to a landing page
  • 1-2+ posts per week online (blog, social media, or both) to establish thought leadership

If you build it, they will come

You can’t just buy a car, let it sit in the driveway for a few years and expect it to be a reliable source of transportation when you need it down the road (pun intended). So, why would you leave your marketing parked in an empty lot for years? Marketing is hinged on making an emotional connection, whether your B2B or B2C. Once an established “need” or “want” takes place, the buyer feels compelled to buy “something” from “someone.” So, why not buy from you?

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